SINCE 2008 has been an online broadcast. In 2017 became a 24/7 online radio station and THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2019 the station was made over in a fresh new format!

Founded by DJ FREEDOM and QUEEN MARTINA, Mix To Go Radio (a product of Mix To Go Music Group, LLC) features the newest and hottest HOUSE MUSIC and SOULFUL R&B from around the world. It is presented both in non-stop, commercial-free mixes and re-edited un-mixed songs in constant rotation. 

There are presently SIX show concepts that repeat TWICE A DAY:

12 midnight to 2am + 12 noon to 2pm:

#ClassicWorkout ("Classic Workout")

....a mix (or unmixed re-edits) of classic dance & R&B songs.

On Thursdays beginning in December we will feature older shows that are favorites on our MIXCLOUD CHANNEL.

2-4am + 2-4pm

#RideAndVibe ("Ride And Vibe")

....a rant about ride share. It airs LIVE every Wednesday, 2-4pm est and can then be heard "ON DEMAND" on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Songs favored by passengers and drivers are otherwise featured during these time slots when the live show isn't on the air.

Songs favored by passengers and drivers are otherwise featured during these time slots when the live show isn't on the air.

4-6am + 4-6pm

#HouseMassive ("House Massive")

....airs LIVE every Thursday, 4-6pm est (or later when broadcasting from venues; see our EVENT CALENDAR). Any other time during this time frame you will hear previous editions of "House Massive" and yes we rotate them so you will hear only the most recent shows. Beginning in December we will feature older shows on Thursday monrings!

6-8am + 6-8pm

#MixToGoSoul ("Mix To Go Soul")

....airs LIVE every Tuesday, 6-8pm est. Beginning NOVEMBER 19, 2019 "Mix To Go Soul" will air LIVE from BLUE GATE LOUNGE in Canarsie, Brooklyn: 1370 Rockaway Parkway (a short 5 minute walk from the L train station). 

A fresh mix of soulful R&B, afro soul, exclusive blends and remixes and classic favorites. Produced by DJ Freedom of course and hosted by Queen Martina-of course!

Archives of previous shows air during these time slots when the show is not broadcasting live.

8-10am + 8-10pm

#MixToGoAfro ("Mix To Go Afro")

....airs LIVE every Tuesday, 8-10pm est. BEGINNING NOVEMBER 19, 2019 "Mix To Go Afro" will air at BLUE GATE LOUNGE (see "Mix To Go Soul") as well as other venues such as AMARACHI (downtown Brooklyn), BASQUIAT (Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn) and a secret location in LONG ISLAND CITY to be announced in our FACEBOOK GROUP, "Mix To Go Music And Events." 

10am-12 noon + 10pm to 12 midnight

#HeavyGOtation ("Heavy GO-tation")

....a play on the words "Heavy Rotation" this show airs during the late morning hours and prime night hours when our listeners are heaviest-hence the name. We feature the hottest songs of all of our formats-house music, soulful R&B, afro soul and classic favorites (typically remade, remixed, get the idea). 



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